Welcome to lune rinjani trekking official. Make your perfect planning to hike Mt rinjani volcano in Lombok Indonesia. Get our package exclusive with excellent service with our professional trekking team, and free one night hotel before trek and available pickup and drop off in all area around Lombok island. Or booking ticket fast boat from bali to Lombok and Lombok to bali island. 

Lune Rinjani is the trek company in lombok island in the edge of national park mount rinjani. We offers the trekking package or Rinjani trekking service via online through website and shared the Rinjani trekking information in many platform in social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you might to trusted, and has get excellent reviews in many platform travelers reviews from all trekkers over the world. 

Lune Rinjani trekking company as well has educate the trekking team to keep environment to keep the Rinjani stay clean green to keep the nature fresh and staying beauty for future. And prepare the fresh meal for the mountain during the trek with different menu everyday, completely fresh fruit, hot drink and soft drink as well to keep trekkers always get stamina and fit during the trek. Cause hike in mount rinjani must be very-very in fit condition, and you must have ability to walking long distance. With that reason we prepare good quality of trekking service from meal and trekking equipment to keep yours able to sleep well during in mountain. and we offers the Rinjani trekking tour package price with absolutely affordable price for all trek program for explore the Rinjani volcano and available to starting trek via senaru or sembalun and torean route. we highly recommend to book your trek in advance to get hotel and trekking ticket, cause the roller  of our government are every Year change to make limited ticket entrance fee to make enough space for the trekkers and to make the mountain not so crowded and trekkers able to get peaceful feeling during in nature or in a volcano. 

Lune Rinjani provides you with convenience for all your needs for climbing Rinjani if ​​you need such as trekking sticks, jackets, shoes, and here we prepare them for rental.  It’s just that we highly recommend that you prepare your trekking shoes when you make plans.  because it will definitely be more comfortable during your trip to Mount Rinjani.  there are also those who rent because they are making plans to climb after being in Lombok or Indonesia.
We also recommend it for climbers.  for a warm jacket for the mountains that is waterproof and windproof.  because the weather in Rinjani after 2023 will be unpredictable, and when you climb to the top you need a jacket that can protect you from the wind and cold.   There are some that we provide for rent, but the standard quality can only help a little from feeling cold.

Notice: Climb through the senaru door.  This is the most comfortable route for you and you can save energy.  because you will walk in a calm and shady rainforest.  It’s definitely not that crowded and it will be very romantic while camping. And it’s more peaceful when you enjoy the view of the blue lake (for children). And we highly recommend this program for beginner climbers.   If you are a beginner climber, don’t try to take the 2 days 1 night program via the Sembalun route.  because if you can’t climb to the summit of course you won’t see the lake in its entirety.

This 2 day 1 night summit is a good program for you if you have previous climbing experience.  because every climber wants to be at the top.  If you want to join this program, we highly recommend that climbers do exercise or often do jogging, cycling and other sports.  3 days 2 nights is one of the popular programs on Mount Rinjani because with this program you will be at the most popular points for climbers.  like being at the top of Rinjani 3762 meters above sea level.  swimming in the lake as a child, hot springs, and enjoying the view of the lake from Senaru Beach and a very stunning sunset, we have prepared a 3 day 2 night program only for those of you who have a high level of fitness and are able to walk 12 hours per day.

Let’s do with us and make your adventure in real since this time, and Let’s make a good impact for Nature to keep environment and make rinjani stay clean.

Popular Trek Program To Hike Mt’Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Have 4 Gate Reopen From Air Brik Sentral Of Lombok, Sembalun East Of Lombok And To Gate From North Of Lombok Senaru And Torean and Lune Rinjani Offers By Officially From Senaru To Sembalun And Sembalun To Senaru Some Of The Gate You Choose Is Available We Offers But that Is Depanding On Your Request.

Popular Package Via senaru

Popular Trek via Sembalun


• Pick up and transfers By Private  Car

• A night hotel/accommodation

• Professional Trekking Porter & Guide

• 3 Time Meal A Day

• Mineral Water and Hot Drink

• Fresh Fruit & Biscuit

• Soft Drink And Free Bonus

• Trekking Equipment, Tent, sleeping bag, Sleeping mattress, pillow, Toilet tent.

• Trekking incurance

• Trekking Certificate On Request
10% we use for environment care for the porter Bring back the trash from Mt rinjani.

• Tickets Entrance Fee

• Medical Check up

• Incurance for team

• Travel Encurance
• Tickets Airpline
• Ticket Boat Bali

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Tour Package

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