Welcome To Lune Rinjani Trekking agency official website. Here is the rinjani trekking information center for exploring mount rinjani colcano in indonesia. We are the trusted and  legit trekking agency or trek organizer at north lombok indonesia in the villages Of senaru. We are the Rinjani trekking expert or rinjani trekking specialist in the islands Of lombok. We offer the Mt rinjani trekking tour packages with reasonable rinjani trekking price in the trek season of 2022-2023 and Enjoy the highly rinjani trekking service that we offers. Such the luxury service, Standard service with plaxiblbe cost following the global economic, and thank you very much for your visit mount rinjani. Without you realizing it.  You been the hero for our community. because Of your visit we can to share job for the community be a porter and trekking guide which  working for Mount rinjani. But you have to attentions which company you book your trip. it’s the owner with experienced with the rinjani or just sale it the package. If much smart visitor he will choose great company. He will not choose the great service of food only. but he will Book with all the service such the environment care, excellent service, comfortable and save during in mountain as well. At 2022 bad news has been published by big travel blog and world News about human waste in rinjani are not such the Travelers or trekker buddies expected because still much trash.

Lune Rinjani will never give up to improve the nature. and make rinjani zero trash as we care of nature. take action to protecting the environment for Trekker future’s and for communities working be a guide and porter in rinjani.  We pay the extra text for our porter Bring back the trash from mount rinjani. We do because we love the Mount rinjani. We love the nature,  and believe we are from nature and back to nature. We need you support us to keep rinjani stay clean. such your clean heart. such you wanna feel peaceful to enjoy the beauty of nature of Mount rinjani. Let’s make Mount rinjani such the heaven Clean and healthy. Lune rinjani need your help and together to make good Impact For future.


Why Do With Us 

Together Keep Rinjani Rinjani Stay Clean And Keep Rinjani Natural And Green, Such We Do The Worth It Program In Rinjani To Make A good Impact For The Trekker and gnerations for tomorrow’s. when you book a trek with lune rinjani you have an amzing moment to planting a tree in mount rinjani as you care about nature.

• We trusted all the trek organizers had a great service on Mountain but few people will care about environmental how to educate the team to bring back the trash and make good Impact For The Nature. Because world has known from every Trekker Around The World has given informatio the  environment condition. So supporting us to make it rinjani such as heaven for World Trekker adventure.

How long to climb mount rinjani..? 

Trekking Mount rinjani you have to walk 7-8 hours for climber experienced, and  9-10 hour for Begginer climbers in 8 killo meter long distance in first day.  and the best time to climb to Mt’ rinjani..? Here are romantic month and best choices  for climbers more details

Mt Rinjani Information Mt rinjanii locations in Indonesian right in the middle of island of Lombok.  West Nusnggara.   west Side of  Bali Island. After Mount Krincis Is The first Higher Volcan In Indonesi in the Island Of Sumatra with an altitude 3805  mtr, And Mount Rinjanii With The Second Towers Volcanic in Indonesia With The Higher 3,726 Mtr Above Sea Level. Mount Rinjanii is known as a holy mountain by the Hindu communitis and the people of Lombok.  Apart from its beauty and majesty.  Mount Rinjanii is famous With blue lake  (Segara Anak) that is inside crater of Mount Rinjani at an altitude of 2000 meters Above See Level, and makes Mount Rinjanii very unique. There is a volcanic mountain that grows in the middle of Lakee Segara Anak. We Called Baby Volcanoes  (Anak Gunung Baru Jari) Baby Volcanic  last  erupted in 2015 Click the picture bellow To red the story of rinjani before erupted created blue lake segara anak.

Is the Rinjani difficulty? Mt Rinjani One Of The Most Difficult Trek. Wich Higher 3726 Above See Level. With Cold Weather And Difficult Trek As Dust And Walking Through The Smoots Sandy And Gravel. Some of trail also are very cxtreme. such trek down from sembalun or senaru craters.  That all you will needed full guided handling all the way trek up and down. Hiking  Mt Rinjani. You Need To Prepared Fit Conditions and have Ability to walk long distance. Because like you gonna trek in two Mountain.

Mt Rinjani Most Difficult Trek When You Hike To The Peak 3726 Of Top Of Mount Rinjani. All The Way Trek Are Smoots Sendy Mix With Gravel And Narrow Part. Treker Have To Prepare Trekking Poles To Help The Body And Knee. Here Your Guiding Will Push You Up And help You.

Let’s do with us and make your adventure in real since this time, and Let’s make a good impact for Nature to keep environment and make rinjani stay clean.

Popular Trek Program To Hike Mt’Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Have 4 Gate Reopen From Air Brik Sentral Of Lombok, Sembalun East Of Lombok And To Gate From North Of Lombok Senaru And Torean and Lune Rinjani Offers By Officially From Senaru To Sembalun And Sembalun To Senaru Some Of The Gate You Choose Is Available We Offers But that Is Depanding On Your Request.

Popular Package Via senaru

Popular Trek via Sembalun


• Pick up and transfers By Private  Car

• A night hotel/accommodation

• Professional Trekking Porter & Guide

• 3 Time Meal A Day

• Mineral Water and Hot Drink

• Fresh Fruit & Biscuit

• Soft Drink And Free Bonus

• Trekking Equipment, Tent, sleeping bag, Sleeping mattress, pillow, Toilet tent.

• Trekking Encurance

• Trekking Certificate On Request
10% we use for environment care for the porter Bring back the trash from Mt rinjani.

• Tickets Entrance Fee Mount rinjani

• Travel Encurance
• Tickets Airpline
• Ticket Boat Bali

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Tour Package

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