3 Day 2 Night trek Via Senaru

Package Exclusive Trekking Mount rinjani
Lombok indonesia in 3 Day 2 Night Program. The Package Is Including what you expected in your tour adventure during the Trek such the excellent Trekking Service, Great Quality Trekking Equipment with very accommodating Trekking team and Professional Trekking guide.

When you book the trek though us. Every visitor or Trekkers is not only will get sevice in Mountain. We has prepared The Bonus Or gift for Trekker Such Visit Waterfalls Sindang Gile,  Tiu Kelep  And Enjoy the Sunset in senaru before trek. Our Team Too Will give Warm Greeting for You For Enjoy The Free Dinner With Local Food After Brieffing about the rinjani trip in our place.

Trek Highlights 3 day 2 night through senaru

Day 1. Senaru- rinjani crater 2641 Camping.

Day 2. Campsite- lake & hot springs- sembalun Crater Camping Here.

Day 3. Campsite- Summit 3726- Campsite- sembalun villages-senaru village- Transfer Hotel.

Trek Itinerary

□ Day 0
•Pick up at The Airport, Harbor, hotel kuta lombok, bangsal Harbour, teluk nare all Port area Arond Lombok Island Depanding On your Request Pick Will Ready 24 Hours

• Check In At Hotel Or Accommodation In Senaru Recommended To Reach Senaru To Get Enough Time To Visit Both Waterfalls As Sindang gile & Tiu Klep.

• Evening Time Introduction With Trekking Team And Brieffing Or Explain Your Adventure Trip In Mount Rinjani.

■ Day 1: ( Senaru Villages – Rinjani Crater Rimm Or Senaru Crater Campsite)

• Wake Up 6 Oc’lock In Morning, Sower, Breakfast In Hotel

• We Pick Up At The Hotel Arond 7 am Bring To Starting Point With The Trekking Guide And Porter.

• 8 Am Scaner Ticket Entrance Fee And Start Walk Through Beauty Rain Forest Approximately 6 Hours With Enjoy The Rare Animals Lunh And Rest.

• 12 Oc’lock Noon Time Arrived At Post 2 1500 Mtr. Long Rest, Trekking Team Will Prepare Lunch, Drink And Rest.

• Continue The Journey After Lunch & Rest To The Post 3 2000mtr Approximately 2 and Half Hours From Lnch Area.

• After Reach Post 3. The Part Are Open Is The End Of The Rain Forest. Climbing Through The Savanna Hills With Open Views. That Mean 2 Hours More You Will Reach The Campsite.

• The Climber Normally Arrived The Campsite 3:30 or 4 Oc’lock Depanding With Your Trekking Peace For The Lower Climer Will Reach The Camping Area 5 Pm.

• Enjoy The Beauty Landscape, Incredible Sunset Over Mount Agung In Bali, And Absolutely Memorable Lake Segara Anak Views Will Seen

• Dnner And Rest Keep The Energy For Second Day.

■ Day 2 (Campsite- Segara Anak Lake & Hot Spring- Sembalun 2639 Mtr)

• Wake Up Earlier Sunrise Will Be At 6:15 am Take Photography Enjoy The Incredible Sunrise And Beautiful Morning Of Lake Views.

• Breakfast And Pecking Your Daily Back Pack.

• Starting Your Journey To Lake At Second Day Arond 7:30 From Campsite Before Sun Very Hot, Cause The Trek Down To Lake Are Open And Extreme Need To Becarefull Following Your Guide Introctions

• From Campsite To Segara Blue Lake Segara Anak You Have To Walk Approximately 3 Hours 30 Minute Including Rest And Photography.

• Reach Lake, Rake Photography, Swimming At Lake And Hotspring, Lunch Will Survive At Lake.

• Lunch And Relaxing At Lake. At 12:30 in Afternoon 1 Pm Continue The Journey To Sembalun Crater. 3 hours Or 3 and Half Hours Trek Up Through The Open Trail.

• 3:30- 4 Oc’lock You Will Reach The Second Campsite Sembalun Crater 3639 Mtr. Here Are Camping Area, Dinner And Enjoy The Sunset And Rest.

■ Day 3 Sembalun Crater-Summit 3726 mtr- Camping Area- Sembalun Village- Hotel End Trip

• Wake Up At 2:00 in Morning, Breakfast and Hot drink, Starting To Summit at 3 Oc’lock Walking in difficult Trek As Smoots Volcanic Sandy And Gravel for 3 Hours.

• Rech Summit 3726 mtr. Take Photographs Sunrise and Lake And All The Beauty Landscape. From Summit Yo Will Able To See All Of Lombok Island, Sumbawa And Bali, After Take Photography Back Down To Campsite For Breakfast. You Will Spent Approximately 2 Hours To Campsite From Summit.

• After Reach Camp. Breakfast Drink Such As Hot Drink And Fresh Drink, Rest. Packing All The Thing And Back Down To Sembalun Village Approximately 5 Hours With Lunch And Rest On The Way Down Hill From 2639 mtr And Ending At 1015 mtr Sembalun Villages.

• Sembalun Villages 1015 mtr Above Sea Level. Here Our Transport Waiting You And We Drive You With The Trekking Team To Senaru For Clean Your Body or Sower, Take The Rest Of Your Luggage And Drope To Your Hotel, Harbor, Airport Such As Your Requested On Agreement.

What’s is Including

What I Prepare And Being For my Own.