How Long To Climb Mount Rinjani..?

How Long To Climb Mount Rinjani..?

hike mount rinjani will be 7-8 hour trek from the bottom to crater rim. That time is with rest and Lunch on the way up at Pos 2 or Post three. That That time recorded for good Trekker and for slow Trekker can be 9 hours trek from bottom or starting point to crater.

What time is good for Star trekking in rinjani.?

Well’ the good timing to start your trek to hike mount rinjani is 7 o’clock in morning. After Breakfast in your hotel and directly star the journey. The people start earlier cause Some Of reason is hot in the day time will be 15-25 digress on the way up and at crater rim will be 15-10 degrees depending with season. In Ogust will will be cold in crater because wind the temperature will be 7-9 digress in evening time.

How Much The Cost Of Rinjani Trekking Package.?

Mount Rinjani Trekking package Price  Depanding on the service. We and all Trekking organizer have various of trekking service as Deluxe, standar private and sharing package. For Sharing Package maximum price USD 200-180 Depanding with how big group you will Joined. Some of people offers 160 USD But Not Poor Service use lest lest Porter and automatically will lest food and water to bring. And when you hike mount rinjani you need meninral water 3-4 litter a Day per each cause is hot in days time.

How long program to hike mount rinjani..?

For exploring all the Mount rinjani start from senaru end sembalun, or start sembalun End senaru or torean that take 3 day 2 night for professional Trekker and for Trekker Begginer Will take program 4 day 3 night. Program 2 day 1 nigh is not enough to explore all you just camp at crater and back at same way not visit Lake segara anak.

Can we hike without guide.?

You can hike without guide but there’s to much risk. And you have to be strong to carrying lot of water Drink and food, etc. And you much Carrying more than 50 kg of all things by own if you wanna do 3 day 2 night.

How much the entrance fee rinjani..?
Ticket Price 150,000 IDR per day per person in normal day trek in Sunday 2500.000 per day per person.

How Many Kg Porter Can Carried.? 

The porter will carrying 20kg per porter that is the trekking Equipment, logistics, cooking gear, mineral water. The most heavy to carry is the mineral water. Vegetables. Trekking Equipment, Etc.

In Rinjani Have Toilet …?

In rinjani some of toilet but not used because it’s so dirty to much people use. But lune rinjani prepared Toilet tent for every Trekker to make all Trekker comfortable in mount rinjani during trek tour.

The Best Time To Climb Mount Rinjani…?

Mount rinjani every year are close 3 moth in raining season all the national park in Indonesian close together cause raining season and weather quite bad in mountain  strom lightning and all the national park our trekking active again in April. After close from January, February and March.

Here we will review witch month and the best time to hike mount rinjani. April was good time to hike mount rinjani. But sometime you have rain during the trek but not much sometimes can be one Hours, 30 minute but the longe can be 2 hours. And may, Jun July, September to October than is very best time. That We Called romantic season for all Climber. The reason cause in that season the mountain are not so touristy and good choose you honeymoon adventure. Ogust was nice timing with the dry season but will be crowded cause all Climbers will be there. From Europe and asian. But don’t make it that be your problem. All team is smart able looking for the great place for camping to choose away from crowded are to make camping for your rest after Walking Long destination in mount rinjani to enjoy more relaxing mind.