Mount Rinjani Gallery By Lune Rinjani

Mount Rinjani Gallery. We Love To Share The Beutifull Views Picture For All The Wold. To Make You Easier To Find Our Information And Make You Easier To book Your Trip For Hike Or Climbing Mount Rinjani.

Find Your Special Day With Us. Where You Able To Enjoy Brilliant Sunset And Amazing Views.
An Azing Day And Relxeced With No Stress. After Arriving In The Camping areas Is The Time For All Trekker To Enjoy The Fascinating Landscape And Colors Full of The Sunset.
After Walking and Reaced The Luch Areas The Lune rinjani Trekking Team Are Prepared The Food, Drink And Fresh Fruit. The Team Are Very Great Cooked and The Test Was So Yummy.


Mount Rinjani Trekking
Arrived The Camping Areas More Earlier. Trekker Wll See The Lake Segara Anak With Colorful. And See All The The Beauty Of Landscape. Like Mt Batur In Bali, Three Gili Island And Another Views.
Lune Rinjani Prepare Tich Sleeping Mattress. For The Trek In Miunt Rinjani To All Trekkers Are Got Sleep Well on the day adventure. Wich You Know Everyone Can Be Lowers Conditions When The Trekker Not Good Sleep.
The Breathtaking Sunrise We Seen From The Summit Of Mt Rinjani 3726 Mtr.
The Sunrise Will Able To See From Our Hotel In Senaru With Mount Rinjani Views From The Bottom Before Do The Trek Activity While Enjoy The Breakfast.
From Senaru Crater We Able To See Colorful Of Sunrise Over The Mount Rinja
Senaru Crater Are The Fascinating Place. Is The Most Lovely Part For Those Who Love To see The Colorful Of Lake Segara Anak And Sunset.


Enjoy The Beauty Sembalun Villages From 2639 mtr Above Sea Level. This View Will Seen From Campsite In Sembalun Crater In Eveming time.


Mountain Breakfast, Every Day The Breakfast Menu And Lunch Are Not Same. The Porter Bring Much Logistics For Food And You Always Got Different Menu During The Trekking Program.
The Time To Be Hero To Protected The Nature And Keep The Earth To Always Have Fresh Air. And Keep The Nature Well And Also Is One Of Your Memorable Experience.
Lune Rinjani Trekking Program
Trekking to the Peak Of Mount Rinjani 3726. Are Not Easy. you need Extra Energy And Extra Pations Cause Trek Are Lose And Lot Of Gravel.


Thank You Very Much And Have Nice Day.