Mount Rinjani Trekking Info 4 Day 3 Night

Completely Rinjani Trek Info For 4 day 3 night trekking program. This trek one of the best options for hiking mount rinjani Volcano. This trek will bring all trekkers more enjoyable and relaxing. This program will bring you much time to enjoy the lake Hot spring and fishing at lake. because in 4 day 3 night will bring you camping at lake end enjoy the beauty of lake views.

This program is one of best  trekkers choices as the Begginer Trekker, Honeymoon package and family. Actually this program much booked by asian trekkers, Holland with family, France on honeymoon, UK, Etc.

Enjoy One Camping At lake segara anak. 4 day 3 Night Will bring you more enjoyable and relaxing at lake and enjoy the Local fhising with your Trekking team.


Trekking Highlights 

• Day 1 ( Senaru- Sembalun- Camping at Second Crater 2641 Mtr)

• Day 2 ( Campsite- Summit 3726 mtr- Campsite- Lake Camping At Like Side- Enjoy Hots Spring)

Day 3 ( Lake Or Campsite – First Rinjani Crater 2941 Mtr Camping Here)

• Day 4 ( Crater Of Campsite – Senaru – Hotel )


● Day 1 : Wake up early and pack for the hike. The Hotel Staff will provide breakfast for you with hot drinks. After Breakfast at hotel Around 7:00 Am. Our Driver Is Ready To Drove You With The Trekking Team, Guide And Porter Using Mountain Cars To The Starting Point. From the hotel to the starting point, it takes about one hour. After arriving at the starting point we will register for two minutes, and after that we will start the journey to Mount Rinjani with the trekking team.

The First Day Trip Will Take About 7 Hours, 7 Hours Including Lunch And Rest During The Trip. The first day we passed through the vast meadows as wide as the eye can see. With the expanse of beautiful hills at the foot of Mount Rinjani, we made our trip very memorable.

After Continue The Journey About Two Hours 30 Minutes. We Arrived at Post One. Here we Have rest for a while to see the scenery and take photos. Post One which is at an altitude of 1300 meters above sea level. The natural panorama is very beautiful, besides seeing the vast and smooth meadows with beautiful hills. Here we are also served biscuits by our guide. After Resting 5 Mins Or More. We Will Continue Our Journey To Post 2 ( Second Shelter) Where Lunch Will Be Served To Us By The Team. From Post One to Post Two with a distance of about 45 minutes or 1 hour. In Pos Tow We Have A Enough Rest Time, Because Here We Will Enjoy Lunch While Breathing The Fresh Mountain Air And Accompanied By Beautiful Views.

After Lunch. We continued our journey to the campsite. But before arriving at the camp we will pass several posts. Like post 3 which is at an altitude of 1800 Mtr, from post 2 to POS 3 with a fairly short distance. At POS 3 We Take A Break For A Few Minutes And We Immediately Head To The Court.

The journey to Pelawangan requires extra energy and some challenges, because we have to climb some hills, we do it step by step while enjoying the scenery. Finally, without us realizing it, we arrived at Pelawangan Sembalun or Sembalun Crater where we would spend the night or camp. Here At 2639 MTR Elevation. We will enjoy our dinner dishes, in the afternoon Time Here We Can Enjoy The Breath Of Sunset And Amazing Of Lake, Top Mount Rinjani And Another View We Can Seen.

● Day 2: Wake Up Early At 2 Am In Morning Time To Enjoy The Breakfast and Hot Drink. Than Packing What You Needed. The Rest Of Lagguge You Can Leave With The Porter. After That You Start To Following Your Guide To Climbing The Summit. Normally For European People Will Starting at 3 Am, For Asian, Or Trekker Begginer Will Start More Earlier.

Climbing To Summit 3726 MTR.  You Will Need Extra Power And Pations Cause The Trek Are Not Easy. Cause All Trek Are Very Heavy And Difficult. Long Way Trek You Will Walking Through The Gravel And Sendy. Hike To The Summit Are Speen The Time Approximately 2 hours For Normal Speed And For Low Speed Can Be 2 Hours 25 minute.

After Reach The Summit The Guide Will Give You With Simple Service, And Take Photographs And Enjoy The Breathaking Of View After It. You Will Decent Down To Camp And Take Photographs On The Back, Cause The View Around Are Brilliant. All The Way Back Don’t The Stunning Views Never Done.

Back Down From Summit To Campsite Are Approximately 2 Hours Including Break. So The Total Walking Time Up And Down is About 5 Hours.

After Reach The Camp The Porter Will Greeting You And Give You Breakfast and Drink. Here You Have To Get Rest For Couple Of Hours. And After That We Continue Our Journey To Lake Segara Anak Where We Will Have Overnight For Second Night.

Going Down To Lake Are Trail Very Extremely And Need Extra Becarefull. Cause Some Of Part Are Nero And Slepeery. Going Down To the (Segara Anak) Will Spent The Time Approximately 2 and Half Hours To Reach Lake.

After Reach The Lake (Segara Anak) Here We Have Long Rest, Visit The Hot Spring For Swim or Swim At Like With Enjoy The Lake Views And Baby Volcano. Lunch At Like Saide And Porte Will Setup The For Us, Cause We Will Overnight Here. Relaxed And Joining The Local Fishing At Lake Segara Anak.

● Day 3. The  Day 3 After Breakfast, Take Photographs Or Enjoy The Stunning Of Lake. Than We Have To Packing Again Cause We Have To Move To Another Campaing Site To Senaru Crater Rim. From Lake To Campsite The Distance Are 2,5 MTR And We Will Trek Approximately 2 and Half Hours To Reach There.

Senaru Crater rim Or The Place Where We Will Camping Are The Amazing Place With Full Of Lake Views, And Top Of Mt Rinjani Can Be Seen, Mount Agung In Bali And Three Gili Islands. Senaru Crater Also Has Papular With The one Of The Best Place To Enjoy The Sunset In Lombok. Here We Will Have Camp Or Overnight For The Day 3. And In The Night Time We Will Enjoy The Beautiful Night With An Amazing Star Sometime In the Dark Moon The Milky Way Star Very nice To See From Here.

● Day 4: It was our last day in the Mount Rinjani National Park area, and the end of Us To meet with our mountain guides and porters. We Have To Going Down To Senaru In Morning Time After Enjoy The Stunning Of Lake, See The Beautiful Sunrise And After Breakfast And Enjoy The Coffee Or Another Drink. Than We Have Going Down To Senaru Villages.

Going  down from the campsite to the village of Senaru takes 5 hours including lunch in the middle of the trip and rest during the journey down. During the trip, we are always under the trees or in a beautiful forest with various types of trees that are useful for humans and cute and sweet-sounding wildlife.

After Five Hours We Arrived At Senaru Village. Where Transport For Us Is Waiting, And Ready To Take Us To The Next Destination. Like The Agreement We Have Made When Booking. Goals That Can Be Reached. Lombok International Airport, Kuta Lombok, Bangsal Harbor, Teluk Nare, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Mataram or Lembar Harbor Here Is The End Of The Program Of 4Day 3Niht Explore The Mt Rinjani.

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