About Us

Welcome to lune Rinjani Trekking official. Lune Rinjani Is The Ralieble trek Companies. Who Offers the Mount rinjani trekking services with exclusive package Such Trek from Senaru or Sembalun. Lune Rinjani Is The Companies located in the edge of national park mount rinjani. With the owned name Mr Lune” and had 5 years experience be trekking guide and 6 month porter.

Lune rinjani is the leading companies with great mission to keep rinjani stay clean since 2015 but that was filled mission because we have low power for marketing and just hopeless Recommended from climbers who V’e  been Join us. But we are never give up to continue our dreaming to make rinjani free trash such the planning Before we growth up our company to care with environment for nature. We think that one of best thing to do in all the company but he missing  it.

Food in mountain

Lune Rinjani will gives all the climbers new experience, such the service with local food whitc delicious for sure Without Chemical and we used freshly chicken are healthy Meat with Vegetables are growing in the volcanic soils.

Our Trekking Equipment

Lune rinjani used the highly quality of trekking Equipment as tent with Big Size, Private Toilet Tent. Thick Sleeping Mattress clean and warm sleeping Bag and pillow.

lune rinjani is responsible for everything during the trip that you book through us such as treatment and hospital fees and that if it happens accidentally or doesn’t happen with your carelessness, and we are not responsible if you have lost something at the hotel before climbing it’s just that  We will investigate the hotel owner and his employees and follow up with the authorities.

Our Costumer is our Phatnership

We don’t think of our customers as just customers.  but for us customers are partners as well as customers to be entertained with the best service and greeted politely, friendly, appreciated and given comfort and protected.