Rinjani Trekking Menu Service

Enjoy Absolutely Best Service From Lune Rinjani. This Is Our Service That We have In Mountain.


Rinjani Trekking Food
When You Do The Trek With You Will Able To Have Nice Food as Higher Protein To Make You Always Stay Healthy And Good Energy During The Trek. The Guide Not Will Saw You The Menu On The Trek He Just Asked You What You Would Like For Lunch And Dinner.  The Porter Will Cooking One Kind of Menu But Always Different Menu Every Day And Every Night Also Every Morning.

Meal In Mountain

If They Will Cooking much Kind of Food Definitely Your Trip Will Be Longer To Wait And Will Wasting To Much Time.

• Banana Pancake
• Those
• Omelet Tomato & eg
• Sandwich cheese Tomato And eggs
• Fruit Salad

Lunch & Dinner In Mountain

  • • Vegetable Cury Egg, Chiken, Rice
  • • Gado-Gado, Eggs , Chiken And Rice
  • • Urap-Urap, Vegetables, Coconut, Eggs, Chiken  and Rice
  • • Spaghetti Bolong Nhesse
  • • Friend Noodles, Vegetables, Chiken and Eggs, Rice
  • • Noodles Soup, Vegetable, Eggs, Chicken and Rice.
  • • Omelet Noodles, Eggs, Eggs, Rice.
  • •Fried Rice. Vegetables, eggs, Chiken.
  • • Mix Rice, Vegetables, Eggs, Chiken.
  • • Fruit Salad After Dinner and Lunch
  • • Chicken Sate, With Steam Rice
  • • Pelecing Ayam With Rice
  • • Chiken Cury + Egg+ Vegetables+ Steam Rice


    • balck Coffe
  • Hot tea
  • Hot Lemon Tea
  • Hot Jinger
  • Hot Jinger Tea
  • Coffe With Milk
  • Hot Milk
  • Hot Chocolate


    • Coca Cola
    • Water Orange
    • Sprite
    • Pocary Sweet


• French fries

• Fried Banana

• Kolak Banana


Fruit Salad